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Secondary Offer

We are clear that we exist to ‘work together’ and ‘transform lives’ and put children and staff first in our efforts, and this is reflected here in our Secondary Education Offer. Our belief is that in putting children first you enable them to thrive, whatever their background or starting point. 

Our secondary offer is both broad and deep; there are a host of services and expertise to call upon for whatever needs a school has. In joining Archway’s family of schools, you will have access to genuine partnerships and support that has a proven impact for children and staff. 

Some of the reasons that we have grown to date are because we are clear that:

  • Schools will maintain their own identity.
  • Collaboration is the key to maintaining a successful partnership.
  • All schools will have the opportunity to determine the direction of the trust.
  • There is a balance between autonomy and standardisation within the trust for each school. We actively celebrate difference and innovation as others can learn from this. 
  • All schools are willing to support each other: we really mean ‘together’.

Educational Excellence

We are clear that whilst we support development of character and an appreciation of the world, we know that this coupled with successful education outcomes are life changing and deliver real social justice. Our schools are at the centre of their educational offer; we are able to ensure that our expert teams and practices are delivered at the right time and speed but that are tailored to them and their needs. 

  • Regular contact with the CEO, Regional Director and other Principals to share, plan and improve Trust wide and school working. You will be in a network set up to improve all schools and share best practices.
  • Preparation for Ofsted and SIAMs Inspections from those who have specialism in this area.
  • Specialist Trust Leads for key areas including Teaching and Learning; English; Mathematics and Science. These senior leaders give access and deliver specific line management and training to areas to help support schools in their time and efforts. 
  • Curriculum sharing across the trust. Whilst we do not force schools to alter their curriculums, many have chosen to align most of their work at some level. They are seeing the benefits of shared planning to improve quality and depth, whilst helping to reduce workload for staff. With over 1000 staff there is real power in the Trust’s work at lots of levels.
  • Opportunities for subjects and subject experts to collaborate in a powerful network and not be isolated. 
  • A Trust Lead and team that focuses on Assessment across schools. Working together this team have ensured that assessment and feedback is meaningful and schools can learn from best practice at a small level and share that widely. It means our assessments are timely, robust and valid.
  • Support to coordinate and direct local governance at school level.
  • Access to our SCITT and ITT programmes to bring new staff into schools and support wider recruitment. 
  • Access to our National Leaders of Education, Local Leader of Education and Specialist Leaders of Education. There is a wealth of skill in our staff talent pool.
  • Our partnership with a local Teaching School gives further opportunity for support and development


Archway’s schools have always been deeply inclusive and we never give up on a child, especially when it is difficult. In shared working and pooling of efforts we have been able to support schools in helping to change lives. 

  • A Trust Lead for safeguarding who also leads the local network. Reviews of schools to improve our working and training of staff on all aspects. You can be confident that your school is compliant and that children are safe. 
  • A Lead for Inclusion and Behaviour. We support schools to make sure that behaviour expectations are high, staff are free to teach and children can learn effectively. 
  • Our own alternative provision programmes. Archway have not permanently excluded a child since 2015 and we work to support those children who find the mainstream difficult for short interventions or for longer periods depending on their needs. 
  • A curriculum offer that has enrichment, sport and arts to help engage and excite. 
  • Training of staff. For instance, to become DSLs, is all delivered through our experts in house.
  • Specialist behaviour staff who can work with children for interventions.
  • A wealth of SEN knowledge and expertise, including three schools with specialist focussed provision units. These are co-ordinated by a Trust SEN Lead. 
  • Non-teaching year leaders in every school whose sole focus is on ensuring that children are happy, safe and ready to learn.

Investing in Staff

Being a member of a group of schools provides greater opportunity for career development to those interested in furthering their career as a good tool for retention and recruitment. To some schools this can be rushed or tokenistic, nothing is further from the truth at Archway. Under the umbrella of our Teaching Institute we ensure that there are pathways for all staff, and at all levels, so that we retain and develop our teams and schools: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

  • We devote two hours a week to support our teaching teams every Thursday afternoon across the trust.
  • Using the above, large networks of whole or specialist staff can meet in a way that would be impossible for other schools. They can share expertise, knowledge and reduce workload.
  • There is time in this offer for schools to also personalise their offer to meet their own needs.
  • We operate a large range of NPQs (as well as other qualifications) in the Trust so that staff can work toward these with their peers. 
  • Our Teaching Institute is a Trust wide CPL offer that has personalised programmes for training at every level whether you are just beginning you educational journey or if you are moving into executive leadership. All staff are important, and all receive support in their career paths, whatever they look like.

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