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The Joining Process

Archway Learning Trust has a well-developed system to welcome new academies as part of the Archway family of schools. Our seven step approach is set out below:


Expression of Interest

Whether introduced to each other, a google search or through mutual connections this stage looks to build relationships between Archway and your school. Key leaders are available to meet with you, your board and your schools to agree the approach to due diligence.


Mutual Due Diligence

Recognising that both parties are undertaking a significant decision we always recommend a mutual approach to due diligence; based upon a evidence and risk based approach. We work alongside each school to understand and learn about all aspects of the school and encourage each new school to do the same with Archway. We will also work a full draft project plan at this stage setting out each transfer step based upon our due diligence information.


Agreement in Principal

Having completed our due diligence, both parties issue formal agreement from either Board, alongside RSC approval to proceed.



With our agreement in principal in place and a timeline for transfer agreed; we each appoint legal advisors to undertake all aspects of legal transfer. At a minimum this will include:

  • Deed of Transfer
  • Common Transfer Agreement
  • Land Transfers
  • Funding Agreements
  • TUPE


Final Approvals

With legal diligence completed each Board will provide a final approval to proceed with the transfer.


Transition & On Boarding

Underpinned by an agreed project plan, Archway supports your school through a full transition process. This includes:

  • Setup with our financial system
  • On boarding to our HR system
  • Implementation of IT systems to support collaborative working
  • Full staff training and induction to support their move to Archway processes and systems
  • Introduction to Archway for all students and parents


Welcome to Archway

Transfer day has arrived – Welcome to the Archway Family.

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