Continuous Professional Learning

Archway Learning Trust is a Values-Led organisation: every colleague in our Trust shares our vision of ‘Working Together. Transforming Lives’ and reinforces our values of ‘Excellence’, ‘Collaboration’ and ‘Inclusion’. We recognise that our colleagues are our most important resource in ensuring the best educational provision for the children we serve, so colleague development is critical to the continued success of our Trust

Our value of ‘Inclusion’ ensures that we are committed to the development of all colleagues: those who work in classroom and those who work in the myriad different roles and contexts across Archway.  We are committed to ensuring that every colleague has the opportunity to grow and thrive professionally.

To this end we have numerous professional learning opportunities open to colleagues within the Trust, which include:

  • Apprenticeship Opportunities, working with our partners LMP – open for all staff in a variety of roles and levels of leadership.
  • Bluecoat SCITT – School Centred Initial Teacher Training
  • Archway ECT Training (Year 1 and 2), working with our Delivery Partners Spencer TSA and Education Development Trust
  • National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) working with our delivery partners Windsor Academies Trust and Teacher Development Trust. We offer exclusive Archway cohorts of NPQs in:
    • Leading Teaching
    • Leading Teacher Development
    • Leading Behaviour and Culture
    • Leading Literacy
    • Senior Leadership
    • We also have 3 colleagues undertaking NPQH and one undertaking NPQEL in 2022-23.
  • Bespoke Archway Middle and Senior Leader Development Programmes – supporting career progression for those seeking opportunities within Archway.
  • Principal Development Group – working with our Principal level colleagues to develop their understanding and expertise in this vitally important role.
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead training and networks delivered and facilitated by our Director of Safeguarding
  • We encourage membership and engagement with national organisations to improve and enhance our expertise, such as the CST and ASCL, and working alongside schools and Trusts with whom we share priorities and expertise.

In addition to the above, or Classroom Colleagues benefit from routine and regular training in effective teaching and pedagogy, including:

  • Our flagship weekly CPL Programme – 2pm-4pm every Thursday, all teachers engage in Continuous Professional Learning, in a highly developed programme to enhance their skills and expertise in the classroom. They are joined by all Teaching Assistants at 3pm.
  • Instructional Coaching, with our delivery partners Steplab – all teachers have an Instructional Coach and engage in fortnightly development cycles to improve their practice in precise, measurable steps.
  • Weekly T&L Briefings and weekly T&L Bulletins, sharing ideas, messages and instruction to enhance the quality of education.
  • Regular cross-Trust network meetings, so subject specialists can meet together and share curriculum plans and resources.

Archway Festival of Learning

The showpiece event of our annual calendar offer opportunities for everyone across the Trust to learn together. See this page for details of our latest Festival in October 2022.


The Professional Development Review (PDR) Cycle

Our values of ‘Excellence’, ‘Collaboration’ and ‘Inclusion’ mean that we firmly believe every colleague in our Trust has an equal entitlement to develop their professional expertise and effectiveness. To achieve this, our Performance Development Review (PDR) Cycle includes all colleagues in all roles within our Trust. As an educational Trust, every colleague also understands that their role directly contributes to the learning, development, safety and wellbeing of our students.

We believe that it is the entitlement of every colleague to access high quality development and support and the responsibility of every colleague to continuously improve their effectiveness and impact. Performance Development Review (PDR) is the mechanism through which colleagues agree focused, values-based objectives to maximise their impact and agree opportunities to continually learn and develop their practice.

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